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1. Download and install Integrity Pro.
2. Download and install the Intercom BAS-IP Plugin.
3. Get the required licenses.
4. Run Integriti System Designer. Default login and password are 'installer' (all lower case characters).


5. Open Integrations and click New Integrated device.


6. Select the BAS-IP Intercom plugin and click OK.


7. Click on the connection settings and type in all required parameters:

  • IP address of the BAS-IP device;

  • login to BAS-IP settings, by default, is 'admin'.

  • password to BAS-IP settings, by default, is '123456';

  • optional RTSP Username, the same as Login;

  • optional RTSP Password, the same as Password;

  • video Streaming Supported checkbox must be set;

After entering all parameters click the Save icon in the top left corner.


8. Now that device is added. You can use it in Integrity Pro Gatekeeper software, which allows controlling locks and watching video from the camera.