Additional settings

Also in the General tab, you have access to some settings for the mobile app and system.


Here you set some settings for the mobile app. 

In the Apple Wallet section, you can configure how guest passes will look. You can set: the developer name, the text under the QR code, colors for all elements, and info to display on the back of the pass.

Management company settings

In the section, you can add all the required information about the company that is displayed in the Link app. You can provide the company logo, name, address, and contacts so that users can reach you.


In this section, you can create some markers and apply them to different users in the corresponding tab. All events connected to the mark user will also be marked. So, this can help to monitor required users actions.  

To add a marker, click the plus icon in the left low corner, enter the marker name, and select color. 

System settings 

Here you can download system logs.

Data import 

In the tab, you can import to the Link other device data such as identifiers from a panel. Data applies to the user that imports them and the devices available for the user. 

This feature is necessary for not adding all the identifiers (available on the panel) to the Link manually. For example, on the object, there is a panel with added identifiers, but later you need to add these identifiers to the Link and a few more panels. So, you can import identifiers and they will automatically add to the Link and all available for you panels.    

MQTT settings 

Here you can check the MQTT broker status.

Also, you can configure client certificates use and upload a self-signed certificate or private key file. If you use the version with a web proxy and upload the Let'sencrypt certificate, the data will be encrypted using it. But if the version without a proxy is used and a certificate is not indicated at all, the data will be encrypted with a self-signed certificate