Mail Templates

In this tab, you can customize default mails for user registration invites, user password changes, and account password recovery. The system marks what obligatory data you must include, and all other info/language must be changed/added, e.g. the name of a residential area, its address, and so on.   

How to create a mail template

  1. Go to the General settings > Mail Templates tab.

  2. Click plus icon in the low left corner.

  3. Select the Mail type you want to edit. 

  4. Make necessary changes to the mail subject and body. HTML language is used for markup. 

Obligatory for mentioning element turns red, if you skip it.

  1. Click Preview the mail if you need to check how it will look. Also, you can enter an e-mail to send a test version. 

  2. Confirm the template when all data are entered.  

From the moment you create a template for any type of mail, it will be sent instead of a default email. To return default mail, delete the template for this type.