How to generate root groups?

  1. Go to the Groups tab in the User management section.

  2. Click Add group and select Generate root groups.

  3. Click Add group in the opened window.

  4. Select groups type: if the group is for building, unit, floor, apartment, or custom.

  5. Enter groups name.

  6. Indicate the number of buildings for which you need to create groups.

  7. Set the number from which the numbering of buildings starts.

  8. Click plus icon to add subgroups (e.g. Unit) and enter the same information for this section: type names, amount of units in one building, and the number from which the numbering starts.

  9. Add and set the same settings for floors and apartment subgroups.

When entering the apartment amount, enter a general value of apartments on the one floor, not their No.

  1. If there are any specific subgroups (parking or service rooms), you need to create and select a custom group type.

  2. When all data is entered click Generate and all groups will be created according to the entered data. 

  3. Check the correctness. Open the Settings tab to edit entered data. 

  4. Save generated groups and then add previously registered users, devices, or access restrictions.