BAS-IP Link app is a perfect addition to BAS-IP Link software. With this app, you can watch a stream from entrance panels and/or indoor video entry phones and monitor the situation at home or office. Also, the user can open the lock via Bluetooth, call an elevator to the required floor for you or your guests, and quickly create guest passes. 

The use of BAS-IP Link software is obligatory for the app functioning.

Check the list of devices and firmware versions that are compatible with the Link.

The main functions:  

  • support of VoIP/push notifications for incoming calls;

  • video stream from the panel/monitor camera before answering the call;

  • possibility of registration/authorization on different Link servers;

  • ability to add multiple devices;

  • guest passes (QR-codes, access codes, and links) creation;

  • calling the elevator (when the EVRC-IP module is used);

  • opening the lock using UKEY (availability of UKEY identifier is required);  

  • availability of an archive with all calls;

  • family members invitation.  

For correct application functioning, especially for UKEY, you need to allow access to your location for permanent use, as well as activate Bluetooth on your smartphone. By giving permission to use the smartphone features, you agree to all the terms and conditions set forth in the privacy policy.

The main menus and features are described here: