Accepting/making calls

You can call a device from the list available for you. You can make a call: 

  • by pressing the view/call button from the Places menu;

  • by pressing the view/call button from the device card;

  • by pressing the view/call button on the contact card from the Recent calls menu; 

The following buttons are available during a call:

  • video on/off button;

  • microphone on/off button;

  • sound on/off button; 

  • end call button;

  • lock opening button (if a call with an entrance panel or access controller). 

You can also accept calls from other devices. You can configure some call settings in the corresponding menu.  

For correct incoming calls display on IOS devices, you must enable CallKit notifications. To do it:

  1. Open your device Settings.

  2. Find the Link app in the list.

  3. Go to the Link app tab and enable CallKit notifications.

In addition, you can enable the usage of the most recent version of the Internet Protocol IPv6 and select the preferred SIP transport: default, UDP (good for speed and efficiency), TCP (great for reliable IP packet delivery), or TLS (the best for encryption, authentication, data integrity, and secure SIP trunking).