If you already have an account, you need to log in to the application. Complete the following steps for authorization: 

  1. Open the BAS-IP Link app and press Enter on the main page.

  2. Type in the required data: 

  • the domain name of the Link server;

  • account email registered with the server;

  • account password.

  1. Press Enter to confirm data and open the app menu.

If you want to authorize on another smartphone and you have only 1 license, log out of your account on your current device. To do this, go to your Profile and press Exit.

If you need to use your account on multiple (devices) phones/tablets, please ask your Link provider about this option.

Password recovery

If you forgot your password, follow these steps to recover your Link account.

  1. On the Authorization page, enter the domain name of the Link server you use.

  2. Enter the account email registered with the server.

  3. Press the Forgot? button in the Password field.

  4. Provide your email to receive a recovery code. Press Next.

  5. Open the email and find the letter with the recovery data.

  6. You can set a new password with one of these options:

  • by following the link from the letter and setting a password via the Link web version.

  • by entering the recovery code from the letter in the Link app.

  1. When you copy a recovery code, return to the app and paste it. Press Next.

  2. Set a new password and re-enter it. Press Confirm.

This procedure is the same if you recover your password using the Link web version.


  1. You are redirected to the Authorization page where the new password is entered. Press Enter to log in to your account.