An identifier obtaining

After app installation and opening, the following interface will be displayed: 

So, you must get your identifier (key) and add it to the app. There are 2 ways to get an identifier: 

  • via TR-03B reader. After this option is selected, your mobile will be connected to the reader and UKEY will be added to the app; 

  • via a QR code. To buy a code you must contact a management company of a building or distributor. Remember that 1 QR code is a key for 1 mobile device, you can't copy or share it;

You can also choose the way of identifier adding in the application settings.

The QR codes for UKEY are one-time use only. If you happen to lose your phone with the used QR code, it cannot be retrieved.

In order to activate the UKEY identifier on a new phone, you will need to purchase a new QR code.

How to add a UKEY identifier using a QR code 

  1. Prepare bought QR code. It can be in printed form or in electronic form. 

  2. Open the BAS-IP UKEY app. 

  3. Press the Request button.

  4. Select the Scan QR code option.

  5. Direct the camera at the QR code and press Start scanning

If your QR code is on the mobile phone (among other images), press Open library and select a QR code image. 

  1. After scanning, the identifier will be added and ready for use.