Technical parameters

Main features

Panel type: Multi apartment

Screen: No

Camera: 1/4, camera direction adjustment

Angle: 80° horizontal x  64° vertical

Camera resolution: 2 MP

Output Video: HD (1280x720), H.264 Main Profile

Night backlight: 6 LEDs

Minimum illumination: 0,01 LuX

Protection class: IP65

Operating temperature: -40 - +65 °С

Power consumption: 6,5 W, standby - 3,6 W

Power: +12V, PoE

Body: Aluminium alloy

Colors: Silver, Gold, Black

Dimensions for installation: 140×355×53 mm

Size of the panel: 155×375×47 mm

Installation Type: Flush

Keypad: Backlight piezo buttons


Interface: Multilingual web interface

Opening the lock: by code, by card, by face, by QR-code, by URL, from the monitor, from the BAS-IP Intercom app, from the BAS-IP UKEY app, from a web interface 

Integration with ACS: Wiegand

Built-in Wiegand output for card, key fob, and UKEY identifiers: 26, 32, 34, 37, 40, 42, 56, 58, 64, 80 bits.

BAS-IP panels work in a Wiegand bypass mode, so it is not possible to send identifiers such as Face ID, QR-Code, and Pin-Code to other controllers. You can enable identifiers sending via Wiegand with the SH-12 module.

Connection of the additional SH-12 module and its support:

  • SH-12 Wiegand input: from 26 to 130 bits

  • Wiegand output for card, key fob, UKEY, QR, Face, Digital code, and all other types of identifiers: from 26 to 130 bits

Access control: Multi-format reader with UKEY technology support (EM-Marin, Mifare, Bluetooth, NFC)

Supported card formats:

  • Mifare Ultralight;

  • Mifare Ultralight C;

  • Mifare Ultralight EV1;

  • Mifare Classic 1K, MIFARE Classic 4K;

  • Mifare Classic EV1 1K, MIFARE Classic EV1 4K;

  • Mifare Plus 2K, MIFARE Plus 4K;

  • Mifare Plus SE 1K;

  • Mifare Plus S (2K/4K);

  • Mifare Plus X (2K/4K);

  • Mifare  DESFire EV1;

  • Mifare DESFire EV2;

  • Mifare Desfire EV3 (only UID support);

  • Mifare Desfire Light (only UID support);

  • EM-Marine ISO;

  • EM-Marine Clamshell;

  • Em-Marine (Original EM4200 chip);

  • Em-Marine (Original EM4200 chip) Clamshell;

  • EM-Marine TK4100;

  • BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy): 2,4 GHz Bluetooth 4.x, Bluetooth 5.x.;

  • NFC, 13,56 MHz: ISO 14443/15693;

  • Cards 125 kHz: ASK and FSK.

Shortcut buttons: Concierge button

Number of call melodies: 4 polyphonic melodies, ability to customize melodies for different actions

Authentication: Separate password for settings, web interface

Talk mode: Duplex

Optional: SIP P2P, Built-in Relay