Search and Upgrade Tool

Remote Upgrade Tool is used for searching devices within the network and upgrading their firmware. The device and PC with the Remote Upgrade Tool must be connected to the same network segment.  

How to install the Remote Upgrade Tool?

  1. Download the program.

  2. Save the downloaded file to a convenient folder.

  3. Unzip the file by right mouse button clicking Remote_Upgrade_Tool and selecting Unzip all. Save unzipped files to a convenient for further use folder. The zipped file can be deleted.    

  4. To open the Remote Upgrade Tool, click twice the program icon. 

  5. As a result, the program window will be opened.


In the list, you can see device logical (ID), IP, and MAC addresses. To refresh the list, click Search. So, in such a way, you can find the necessary device IP address. 

What to do if the RUT cannot find the device in the network?

Bas-IP devices work only under IPv4. If your computer and devices are in the same network, but RUT does not see any devices, please, check your computer Network Metrics.

  1. Open Network settings and find the Change adapter options section.

  2. Right-click the network and select the Properties option.  

  3. From the list select TCP/IPv4 item and click Properties.

  4. Go to the Advanced properties.

  5. Disable the Automatic Metrics and set 1 for the Interface metric parameter. 

  6. Click OK to confirm settings.

How to update firmware using the Remote Upgrade Tool?


Complete the following steps to update the firmware using the Remote Upgrade Tool:

  1. Download the firmware file for your device from the wiki or by the link.

The firmware file you are going to install must be strictly designed for your device model. If you install firmware for AA-07FB onto your AA-14FB device, your panel will malfunction.

  1. Open the Remote Upgrade Tool.

  2. Find the IP address of the required device from the list and Click it. You can check device IP address in the web interface (Network or Dashboard tabs). 

  3. Click Select and find the previously downloaded firmware file.

  4. Tick Auto Reboot.

  5. Click Upgrade.

Do not turn off the power or interrupt the firmware update, it may cause damage to the device!⠀⠀

  1. At the end of the process, the Status will be shown as Success. The device will reboot.

How to run Remote Upgrade Tool on non-Windows OS?

Remote Upgrade Tool can only be run on the Windows operating system. However, for other operating systems, you can need one of the following programs to open the Remote Upgrade Tool:

  • Wine is a compatibility layer between Windows programs and the operating system. It converts Windows API calls to POSIX calls, thus allowing the integration of Windows applications to POSIX-compliant OS (Mac OS X, GNU/Linux, and BSD). Rather than an emulator or virtual machine, it is a reimplementation of Win32 API; 

  • CrossOver is a commercialized, and supported, version of Wine for Linux and Mac OS X. It is proprietary software with out-of-the-box support for many commercial Windows applications like MS Office, MS Outlook, MS .NET Framework, Adobe Lightroom, DirectX, etc.;

  • PlayOnLinux is a graphical front-end for the Wine compatibility layer. It simplifies the installation of Windows apps and (especially)y games on GNU/Linux by auto-configuring Wine. It provides wrapper shell scripts to specify the configuration of Wine for any particular software. It also uses an online database of scripts to apply for different programs, and a manual installation can be performed if the script is not available;

  • PlayOnMac is a graphical software built on top of Wine. It aims to ease the installation of Windows programs and games on Mac OS. You can use PlayOnMac to easily install many apps and games on Mac OS without making changes to Wine’s configuration for that particular program. PlayOnMac takes care of Wine’s settings so that you don’t have to configure them manually, and you can enjoy using the software or game;

  • WineBottler is an app packager, which means it packages Windows-based applications into Mac app-bundles. The name suggests that it is connected to Wine, which is basically how you can run Windows programs with it on your Mac;

  • Wineskin, which also uses Wine to run Windows applications, is a porting tool. It allows you to port Windows applications in Mac application bundle wrappers, which can then run on Mac OS X and even be shared with other Mac users. It works with Snow Leopard, Lion, and Mountain Lion. Wineskin uses a customized version of X Window System, known as WineskinX11, to provide the graphical user interface for Windows programs on the Mac OS X;

  • Q4Wine is a QT4 graphical user interface for the Wine compatibility layer. It’s available for GNU/Linux and FreeBSD. It helps you to manage Wine prefixes and installed applications in an easy-to-use graphical interface.

So, install one of these programs and run the Remote Upgrade Tool with its help. Below is an example of a firmware upgrade on Linux OS.