Nomenclature names of BAS-IP devices

At the very beginning of the model name there are two letters, then a hyphen with two numbers, and the device name closes two more letters.

AA - the first two letters are the device type (panel, monitor, reader, switch, etc.).

AA - multi apartment call panels
AV - individual call panels
BA / BI - multi button outdoor panels
CV - call stations
AQ, AP, AL, AK, AU, AG - internal monitors
CM - operator monitor
AM - Concierge Monitor
01 - the second block is two digits which follow the first two letters through a hyphen. These numbers indicate device models. (-01, -02, -05, -12, etc.).

For internal monitors, numbers can also indicate a screen diagonal.

TE - the last two letters is a modification of the device. Reader type, support for third-party systems, presence of camera, automation or labeling for a project with an abbreviation for the customer (TE, TM, T, BV, BC, L, LA, etc.)

T - panel with a reader (possibly without specifying its type)
E - EM-Marin reader
M - Mifare Reader
B - UKEY reader (BLE + EM-Marin + Mifare)
D - built-in IP camera in new models with old cases
L - light version, often without a camera
H - hybrid modification, to work with other analog / digital systems
K - keyboard
WR - without reader
FP - Fire Point (in case of fire)
F - Fire (in case of fire)
IC - Info Call (information)
S - Surface (waybill)
F - Flush (Flush Mount)
C - with support for digital system Laskomex
V - with support for Vizit coordinate matrix system
R - (the most recent letter) with external inscriptions in Russian
E - (the most recent letter) with external inscriptions in English