Integration with Milestone

Milestone video management software (VMS) brings all the images from video surveillance cameras and BAS-IP devices cameras together. 

  1. Open Milestone software. Click Add Hardware and select Manual way of adding. Click Next.

  2. Enter your login and password for the BAS-IP device web interface. Click Next.

  3. Select drivers. A universal driver is obligatory, Other and ONVIF can be selected additionally. Click Next.

  4. Enter the IP address of the device you want to add. Also, select the Universal 1 channel driver for the hardware model. Click Next and till the end of the process.

  5. Enable the options which you going to use Click Next at the end:

    • hardware option allows to control lock;

    • сamera option is for the video stream and NVR;

    • microphone option allows you to see and record the stream with the sound.

  6. Finish device attachment.

  7. Open device Properties and set ch01 for the Connection URI and 8554 as RTSP.

  8. Settings are completed.