Intercom menu

By opening the Intercom menu, you can go to 1 of 3 main tabs:



During the incoming call, the following screen will be displayed: 


Icons meaning:

- to answer a call;

- to decline a call/end a conversation;

- to open the lock/s; 

- to turn on/off the microphone;

In addition, during a conversation the following button will appear: 

- to open the keyboard;

Call out 

In this section, you can open the keypad for dialing the number to call the concierge, another monitor, or panels via SIP or internal protocol.

To call the monitor via the internal protocol, you must enter Building No., press the Building button, enter Unit No., and press the Unit button, then enter Floor No., and Apartment No. For example, 1-1-0001. When the number is entered, press the Dial button.

To make a call to the entrance panel via the internal protocol, you must save the panel number to Contacts or go to the Panels menu.

For calls via SIP protocol, you save numbers to Contacts.

To call the concierge, you must press the Center. And by pressing the Contacts button, you will go to the menu with saved numbers.




Call records 

In this section, you can check the call history. 



Icons meaning:

- missed call; 

- оutgoing call;

- incoming call;

- to view photos/videos taken during the call;

- conversation duration; 

- to delete the entry;

- to scroll the list;

A record of a call contains the following info:

  • date and time when a call was made;

  • subscriber number;

  • contact name (if a number is saved)

  • сonversation duration;

  • photo of the caller taken automatically 3 seconds after the start of the conversation.


For quick access, you can save up to 300 contacts. They can be inner numbers of panels, concierges, other monitors, or SIP numbers of devices. You can add contacts in the web interface and in this section you can view and call the required stored number. 



With the help of buttons, you can scroll through the list to search for the necessary contact, and to call it, you must press .

All contacts are sorted as they are added to the web interface, but you can mark a contact as a favoriteand it will appear at the top of the list.

To quickly find a required contact, enter its name in the search bar.