First authorization and the server initial setup

After successful software installation, open the browser and go to the server address where the Link is installed. Wait until the Link is ready to launch, click Continue and you will be redirected to the Client info tab.

image (1)-20240514-213010.png

To log into the Link for the first time, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Provide all required data in the Client info tab:

    • your country

    • your company or client name

    • a name of a person for contact (in case we need it)

    • phone number of the person

    • email you have access to when filling in this info

  1. Click Send confirmation to receive a code on the previously specified email.

  2. Enter the code in the corresponding field of the Client info tab and click Confirm.

  1. In the Admin user tab, create your account for further access to the server. Enter your email, create a password to your account, and confirm it by re-entering.

  1. Click Save when all data are entered. As a result, your first authorization is finished and you can move to the Server initial setup.

Use your email and the password (created in the Admin user tab) to log into the Link server at all other times after the first authorization.

Server initial setup

  1. In the sidebar scroll to the Settings section. 

  2. Open the General tab and enter the following general settings: 

    • your project name; 

    • project description (if necessary);

    • server URL, e.g.,;

    • enable Registration is allowed by reference field to be able to invite new users;  

    • allow users to self-recover their password by ticking the corresponding box. Otherwise, only an administrator will be able to do it;

    • select system language: English, Russian.

If you don't have a server domain name (, enter the IP address of a device where the Link software is installed. Or if you use a Virtual box, enter the IP address given to the system inside the virtual box image. In this case, the server URL is, for example.    

  1. Enter mail server settings to be able to send registration link and emails to users: 

    • for the mail server type field select smtp (outgoing mail server);

    • mail server address, e.g.;

    • mail server port number;

    • SMTP server username (email address from which letters will be sent);

    • email (from which letters will be sent) password

    • sender email (coincides with SMTP server username);

    • sender name that will be indicated in letters;

    • preferred encryption type: ssl or tls;

You can find the mail server (SMTP) address and used port number in the official documentation of the mail service you use to send/receive emails (Gmail, Yahoo!, etc.).

After entering the mail server settings check the correctness by sending test email.

  1. Enter the system administrator email to get further information about system functioning. More about notifications for administrator read here.  

  2. Confirm changes and the end of the page.

  3. Go to the SIP settings tab and enter the following data: 

    • only server external IP address if a server with public IP only is used; 

    • both server external and internal IP addresses if the server is behind NAT. In this case, server external address is router IP address, and the internal value is the server (computer) IP address where the Link is installed;  

7. Confirm changes and the end of the page.