Integration with CyberTwice

CyberGate is a subscription-based Software-as-a-Service application hosted in Microsoft Azure (West-Europe). As Enterprises migrate their traditional telephony from an on-prem IP-PBX or Cloud Telephony platform to Microsoft Teams, they need a solution for their SIP (video) door intercom to communicate to Teams. The successful integration with BAS-IP brings a host of intercom features to Microsoft Teams users, allowing them to control building entrances easily. Here are the benefits of integration: 

  • Two-way audio and live video from your BAS-IP video door station to the Teams user’s desktop client, Teams compatible desk phone, and Teams Smartphone app.

  • Teams users can remotely unlock a door or gate using the Teams Dialpad.

  • Visitors can call individual Teams users or call multiple users simultaneously from BAS-IP door phones.

  • No need to install any extra hardware (SBC) or download/install 3rd party software.

Here you can get a manual on how to subscribe to the CyberGate service via Microsoft AppSource or the Microsoft Azure Marketplace and how to use the CyberGate Management Portal.

How to configure the BAS-IP Intercom system for the CyberGate service you can check here