Applications installation on the BAS-IP monitors using FTP

1. Download the .apk file to your PC.
2. Download and install the FTP client, for example, WinSCP.
3. Open the System menu.

4. Enter web setting credentials and press Enter. 

Default values: 

  • Access: Admin

  • Password: 123456

5. Open the Amaze application.

6. Go to the FTP Server tab.

7. Press in the top right corner to open the menu.

8. In the opened menu, select Login.

9. Set a Username and a Password. For example, the username is 1 and the password is also 1.

10. For connecting to the FTP server you will need to know the following parameters:

  • IP address:

  • Username: 1

  • Password: 1

  • Port: 2211

Amaze opens a secure FTP connection by default for monitors based on Android 10. If you have an Android 10 monitor, you need to ensure that a secure FTP connection is disabled. Otherwise, the FTP connection fails to work. To configure the correct operation, complete the following steps:

  1. Press in the top right corner of the FTP server tab to open the settings menu.

  2. Make sure the Secure Connection option is disabled. Otherwise, untick the box.

11. Open WinSCP on your PC, type in the required parameters, and press Login.

12. Now you are connected and can copy files from your PC to the BAS-IP monitor. On the left side of WinSCP are files on your PC on the right side are files on the monitor.

12. After copying an application to the monitor you will be able to install it from the Amaze application.