Integration with Control4

Integration with Control4 is available for all panels based on the Linux operating system, such as AV-01BD and AV-03D, and so on. Control4 provides smart home automation systems. Thanks to this integration, you can use the Control4 SIP server, open locks, answer calls, and view the panel camera via the Control4 interface.

How to configure individual panels integration with Control4      

  1. Log in to the entrance panel web interface. By default, the username is admin and the password is 123456.

  2. Go to the Integrations tab.

  3. Enable the integration with Control4 and submit changes.

  4. Download Composer Pro and run it. A detailed guide can be found here

  5. Get credentials received with Enter them for the Composer Pro.  

  6. Select the connection to a local system.

  7. Select the required controller from the list of available ones and connect to it. 

  8. Check the Items section where the BAS-IP panel must be shown.

  9. Double-click the string to add your BAS-IP panel to the Control4 system project. As a result, the SIP username (number), password, and other data will be automatically received. 

If the software cannot find the driver, you need to add it manually:

  1. Download the driver attached below.

  2. From the upper left corner go to DriverManage Drivers and Agents (Strl+M).

  3. Select Add Item in the opened window and pick the driver file.

  4. After the driver installation repeat device attachment (Steps 6-9).

  1. Go to the Agents section to create a call group (the number the panel will call when its call button is pressed). 

  2. Open the Communication tab, then click New in the Intercom groups section.   

  3. Add one or, if required, several users (devices) to be called when a panel button is pressed.  

  4. In the System Design tab, select created call group: the number the panel will call when its call button is pressed (also will be displayed in the Called number section in the Integrations tab). 

  5. Also, you can configure the following parameters: 

    • SIP transport;

    • Control4 SIP server usage. If you need to use the other SIP server, disable the Use Control4 SIP server in the panel web interface and configure a SIP server as usual and concierge number

    • log level and mode;

    • volume for the panel (in the BAS-IP Doorstation Intercom section); 

    • access to the panel camera (in the BAS-IP Doorstation Camera section). In the Authentication section, login and password for your panel web interface are required.  

  6. As a result, the BAS-IP panel will automatically receive settings for Control4 integration to function. You can use the Control4 interface to open locks, answer calls, and view the panel camera via the Control4 interface.