Integration with Kone

You can enable and configure integration of AA-14FB panel with KONE elevators. This integration allows setting available for residents/visitors floors that will be displayed on the panel screen when a user ID is used. So, after opening the door with ID, the user can select the floor (from the list available) and see elevator No. that is ready for use. 

How to configure integration with KONE elevators

  1. Register to the Kone API portal to get access to an elevator system and the data required for configuration.

  2. In the Kone API portal, create a new application for a panel. 

  3. Select the production option.

  4. Enter the app name and description (if necessary).   

  5. Click Create Application

  6. Unique Client id and secret will be generated. Save this data in a note as client secret is shown only once.  

  7. Contact the KONE support team, so that they add available elevators to your application.


  8. Log in to the entrance panel web interface. By default, the username is admin, and the password is 123456.

  9. Go to the Access management tab > KONE settings section. 

  10. Enable the integration. 

  11. Enter the required data: 

    • server URL:;

    • Kone client ID (created in step 6);

    • Kone client secret (created in step 6);

    • building id (can be found in the Resources tab of the Kone API portal) must begin with building:id, e.g. building:elevator:1   

    • source id: floor No. where the panel is (detailed values are in KONE documentation); 

    • terminal number (detailed values are in KONE documentation);

    • walking time to get from the panel to the elevators, in seconds.   

  12. Submit settings.

  13. Scroll to the Access rules section and click New restriction.

  14. Enter the restriction name and select areas (floors) that will be available for user access.


  15. Submit settings.

  16. If it is necessary to create a add new identifier, go to the Identifiers tab. A step-by-step guide about ID creation is here.

  17. Go to the Users tab.

  18. Create a new user or select one from already created to edit and apply the created Kone access restriction. 

  19. If necessary, add the user identifier in the Identifier tab.

  20. Go to the KONE rules tab and select the restriction created in steps 12,13.

  21. Confirm data. 

As a result, the user using the identifier will see available for them floor/s, will be able to select the necessary floor, and see elevator No. that is ready for use.