Device initialization

Only for SP-03 you can prepare some configurations on the Link server and apply them to the device. To send settings from the Link server to the device, you need: 

  1. Open the Device tab to add the SP-03 device to the Link tab. 

  2. Add the device and enter all required settings (network, SIP, management system, address) you want to send to the device. 

  3. Save entered data. 

  4. Find the added device in the list and click the Initialize device button. 

  5. On the device, press the Key button for 5 sec to start sending settings. The changing backlight flashing indicates that the device has switched to the automatically receiving settings mode.

  6. The process takes some time. In case of successful initialization, the device will play the corresponding sound and the backlight will flash in different colors 3 times. After this, the device will be ready to work.