Access restrictions

Access restrictions are an integral part of the Link server that links devices, users, and schedules if required. You can quickly configure giving access or not to these or those devices for concrete users. Access restrictions must be applied to groups with added devices and users.

The access restriction that is applied to a group will automatically be distributed and will be applied to all subgroups and their users.

How to create access restriction

  1. Go to the Access restriction tab of the Access management section. 

  2. Click plus icon in the left low corner.

  3. Enter the restriction name.

  4. If necessary, enable the possibility to use this restriction for guest identifiers

  5. Add description, if required. 

  6. Select devices from the list or add new ones to allow their use. Further access restrictions will be applied to users or groups to allow them to open indicated device/s. 

  7. If necessary, specify the access point the is allowed to use.

  8. Select the number of locks (if 2 locks are connected) that are allowed to open by users: the first, the second or all

  9. If necessary, select a schedule from the list or add a new one to indicate restriction functioning time. 

  10. Click the Save button in the low left corner after entering all required data.

Access restrictions filtering

 With the help ofandbuttons, you can edit or delete restrictions. Also, there is a filter by ID No., name, a number of devices, schedules, and devices. So, you can configure a flexible data display and quick search. To do this, you need to click the Add filter button and set the necessary parameters. For some searches, results can equal your search (so to be exactly as you indicate), they can be less or great than your parameter, or contain (has) it, e.g. search less than indicated ID will display numbers before it. You can select a few parameters and choose whether the results will match all filters or any of them.

In addition, you can save your search parameters for further use by clicking the corresponding button. All saved parameters are displayed after clicking the Segments button.