Here you can add or view a table with identifiers added to the system.

You can check information about the identifier owner, its type, number, validity period, applied access restrictions, etc. With the help ofandbuttons, you can edit or delete created identifiers.

How to add an identifier

  1. Go to the Identifiers tab in the Access management section.

  2. Click plus icon in the left low corner.

  3. Enter the identifier name.

  4. Select the user of this ID. 

  5. Select the identifier type (pay attention to a device characteristics) and enter its value:

  • card: EM-Marin or Mifare card. In the Identifier field, you must enter a card number in decimal format, without commas. Usually, the number is printed on the card in decimal or hexadecimal format. You can use this link to convert a value from one to another system. 

  • UKEY allows using smartphones as identifiers (BAS-IP UKEY app is required). You must enter the identifier number in the Identifier field.

  • access code that must be entered on the panel keypad to open lock/s. In the Identifier field, you must indicate a numeric code that will be used to open a lock.

  • face ID allows opening the lock by scanning visitors faces. When adding this identifier type, you must upload a user photo with a well-lit face and real face proportions in .jpeg format. For AA-14FBS, face recognition works little differently and if you upload identifiers backup from AA-14FB, they will not work for AA-14FBS.

Requirements for a photo: 

  • strictly a full face photo: front view and open eyes.

  • presents full head from top of hair to shoulders, face occupies about 80% of the space.

  • with a neutral background.

  • with a well-lit face, no shadows.

  • face has natural expression and real proportions.

  • in .jpeg format.

  • with a resolution of at least 320x240px and no more than 5120×2700px. 

  • the automatically generated QR code. Enable the Download QR code option and after saving the identifier, it will be saved to the computer. Then it must be uploaded to a mobile device for further use.

  • license plates can be added and used to open lock/s. In the Identifier field, you enter the plate number. For this identifier to work, you need a corresponding Link license and Hikvision, AxxonOne, or Axis camera with an ALPR option. Also, for Axis, you need their license for correct camera functioning.

For details about the usage of license plates as identifiers, see How to configure license plate recognition.

  1. If necessary, enable and set restriction period restrictions for identifier validity.

  2. If necessary, enable and set the maximum number of passes in the passes restrictions field. 

  3. Select from already added or create access restrictions. After clickingyou will be redirected to the corresponding tab where it is possible to create restrictions.

Applying access restriction is obligatory. This parameter helps to connect groups, devices, and users. 

  1. Click the Save button in the left low corner when all required data will be entered. The identifier will automatically be sent to the devices indicated in access restrictions. You can check where ID is added in the Synchronization section.

Identifiers filtering 

There is a filter by value, name, ID type, owner, the date the identifier was used or created and is the identifier valid. So, you can configure a flexible data display and quick search. To do this, you need to click the Add filter button and set the necessary parameter/s. For some searches, results can equal your search (so to be exactly as you indicate), or they can be less or great than your parameter, e.g. search less than indicated date will display all identifiers used before the date. You can select a few parameters and choose whether the results will match all filters or any of them.

In addition, you can save your search parameters for further use by clicking the corresponding button. All saved parameters are displayed after clicking the Segments button.

How to revoke an identifier from a user

To withdraw the user access to the area, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the User management tab.

  2. Find the user from which you need to remove the identifier and click edit their data.

  3. In the Identifier section, find the ID you need to withdraw and delete it. You can delete both user identifiers and guest identifiers provided by the user.

  4. Click the Save button in the left low corner.