In this tab, you can find: 

  • List of available for user places (property objects) with their devices and contacts; 

  • Button to open the panel lock (in case of successful opening, the icon will change color to green, in case of an error - to red);

  • Button to call the device and/or watch the stream from its camera (if available); 

  • Buttons to call an elevator (EVRC-IP module must be used) .  

Place/s displayed in the menu is a group/s to which the user is added on the Link server. All available devices are also added to the group together with the user. Also, access rules created in the Link server are automatically applied to the user and the list of devices. All changes on the server are automatically updated in the app.

The following device types are available: 

  • panel: opening the door, calls/video calls (if there is a built-in camera) are available;

  • monitor: calls/video calls (if there is a built-in camera) are available;

  • access controller: opening the door is available;

  • elevator controller: calling the elevator to the required floor; 

Editing the device name

You can change the device name if you don't like what the administrator sets. To do it:

  1. Tap the card with the necessary device.

  2. Press Edit in the upper right corner.

  3. Enter the new device name and press Save.  

The device name changes only for the user app, it remains the same on the server.

Interaction with Siri Shortcuts (for IOS only)

You can add panels, access, and elevator controllers for opening locks or calling the elevator via Siri. You can configure it from the Link app as well as create a shortcut with the corresponding app. The quickest way to do this:

  1. Tap the card with the necessary device on the app.

  2. Press Add to Siri and record a voice command.

With the help of the Shortcuts app, you can add additional conditions for your command and add the open the door/call the elevator button on the Home screen. To do it, you must: 

  1. Open the Shortcuts app.

  2. Press the Pluss button in the upper right corner.  

  3. Enter shortcut name.

  4. Press Add action.

  5. Using the search find the BAS-IP Link app and select a required command from the list of available.  

  1. Add some additional information: 

  • for an elevator indicate its direction: up/down or you can be asked every time; 

  • for the opening the door command select which door you will open.

  1. When all is configured you can add the button with a shortcut to the Home screen for quick access. Press the Share button in the low left corner of the screen. 

8. Select add to Home screen option.  

9. As a result, the shortcut button will be displayed on the screen.