Guest passes

In the menu, there is a list of valid/invalid passes for visitors and your guests.  


You also have access to creating, sharing, and/or revoking passes.

Creating a guest pass

You can provide as many temporary identifiers as needed and configure the conditions of their use. To do this: 

1. Press Add pass in the Passes tab.

If several profiles are authorized with the app, select the profile want to use for pass creation.

  1. Enter the owner name of this pass. If you skip a name, the app will generate it. You also may leave comments if necessary.

  2. Select pass type: QR-code (available for panels with camera), Access code (available for panels with keypad), URL (available for all devices), or License plate number (For this identifier to work, you need either an Axis camera, Hikvision or AxxonOne cameras with ALPR option and the corresponding license for the server).

For details about the usage of license plates as identifiers, see How to configure license plate recognition.

  1. Select guest type: Courier or Guest.

  2. Indicate the beginning and the ending of the pass active period. By default, the pass works for 1 day. 

  3. If necessary, set the available number of passes for the identifier. By default, 1 pass is available. 

  1. Select the devices to which you want to grant access. For example, the pass can open the door only to the unit or also to your apartment. By default, all devices available for you are selected for pass opening. 


  1. Press Send to share the pass via any messenger when all data will be entered.

Guest pass sharing/deleting  

You can send a pass via any messenger or e-mail after pressing the Send button when creating a pass. When you select an access code, it will be generated in text with all the necessary information (validity period, the number of available passes) to open the lock.

When you select a link, it will be generated in the URL. A visitor must open it to get information about the validity period, the number of available passes, and the ability to open the lock.


When you select a QR-code pass, you can share it as an image of the code and all the main information. Visitor has to open it and show for entrance panel scanning.

In addition to the image, the QR code can be shared in a format for adding it to Apple Wallet if you/your visitor use IOS. When receiving a pass, a visitor must open it and press Add button. As a result, the visitor will get access to the pass by opening Apple Wallet.

Also, if some changes about the pass are done on the Link server, the visitor will be notified about it and they will be automatically applied. So, there is no need to send another pass.  

Despite this, on the Link server (in the Device tab) there is the ability to set panels location geodata.

In case, when a visitor with added to the Apple Wallet pass approach the available panel (with location), the pass will be automatically shown. 

 The other way to share the pass is swipe it left anf press share button. Also you can delete the pass. 

IOS users can edit the following QR-code pass info: guest type, pass active period, number of available passes and devices.