In this tab, you can configure general server settings. After changing any settings, click Confirm at the end of the page. 


In this section, you can: 

  • enter your project name

  • add project description (if necessary);

  • enter server URL, e.g.,;

  • enable Registration is allowed by reference field to be able to invite new users;  

  • allow users to self-recover their password by ticking the corresponding box. Otherwise, only an administrator will be able to do it;

  • select system language: English, Russian.

Mail Server settings 

These settings are required Enter mail server settings to be able to send registration links and emails to users. You must enter:  

  • for the mail server type field select SMTP (outgoing mail server);

  • mail server address, e.g.;

  • mail server port number;

  • SMTP server username (email address from which letters will be sent);

  • email (from which letters will be sent) password

  • sender email (coincides with SMTP server username);

  • sender name that will be indicated in letters;

  • preferred encryption type: SSL or TLS;

After entering the mail server settings check the correctness by sending a test email.


To get information about system functioning you must enter the system administrator email. And enable/disable what notifications you (as an administrator) want or don't want to receive: 

  • when devices become offline;

  • when device tasks are filed. 


Here you can configure how long the device logs must be kept: a day, a week, 2 weeks, or a month. 

Guest access limits by default

You can restrict the values that users can set when creating guest passes. It is possible to configure the Maximum number of days for which the user can issue a guest pass. In addition, you can limit the Maximum number of passes that user can provide for their guests.

These values are applied to the whole server and its users if no specific limitations are created for them. You can set limits for the concrete user(s) in their group settings. Guest limits for groups take precedence over server settings. Moreover, user group limits are more prioritized than the limits of the groups that are hierarchically above. For example, if user apartment group and building group have their guest access restrictions, only the limits of the user apartment group will work.

It is important to note that if a user is added to 2 apartment groups with different guest pass limits at once, the lower values of the 2 limits will be applied to them.