How to add root group?

  1. Go to the Groups tab in the User management section.

  2. Click Add group and select Add root group.

  3. Enter a group name.

  4. Select its type: if the group is for building, unit, floor, apartment, or custom (for parking or service rooms).  

  5. Enter a logical address: depending on the group type it can be Building No., Unit No., Floor No., or Apartment No. 

  6. Add a description, if necessary.

  7. Select users (must be previously added in the Users tab).

  8. Select devices (must be previously added in the Devices tab) installed in the place for what you are creating the group. 

  9. Create access restrictions or select from already created. After clicking you will be redirected to the corresponding tab where it is possible to create restrictions. 

Applying access restriction is obligatory. This parameter helps to connect groups, devices, and users. 

  1. If necessary, enable and configure forward settings that will be applied to all group users.   

It is also possible to create forward rules in the corresponding tab. The following options are available:  

  • to forward calls (from devices/users added to the group) immediately to all indicated in the call queue field/s numbers simultaneously;

  • to forward calls to indicated in the call queue number/s if there is no answer;

  • to set the time (5-30 sec) after which the call will be forwarded if there is no answer;

  • add number/numbers (to which the call will be forwarded) to the call queue from the virtual number list; 

  • to set call duration by clicking the Gear button; 

  • to set days and time when the forward is valid by clicking the Gear button;

  • forward calls to indicated in the call queue field/s numbers if the primary number is busy or an error occurs;

You can get numbers for calls and forwardings in the Virtual numbers tab (if you have the corresponding license). 

  1. Click the Save button in the left low corner when all required data will be entered.